Hi there everyone, have I been gone, MIA? I’m still alive you know. In fact I went to a poetry masterclass by Rae Armantrout and it was worth every penny as they say. So few really pay attention to language and no literary art pays as much to it as poetry does. So there was this panel discussion which discussed what good poetry does. And the name, Rupi Kaur came up, an instagram poet with 1.8 million followers. And guess what, she doesn’t even write real poetry. I agree with the two poetry doyens, Rae and Simon Armitage. Simon, who’s English and compared to Philip Larkin, writes poetry that’s easily comprehensible whereas Rae’s poetry is so esoteric–you really have to work hard for the meaning. And that’s where the work is. Anyway Simon made the point that one of the good uses of poetry is to write praise. I immediately thought of Mary Oliver. So many poets write from a dissenting point of view (not saying it’s a bad thing at all, not a bad thing in fact). Not Mary Oliver. So when Robert’s Day 6 prompt came up today–to write a praise poem–I thought I should jump right in. I’ve had a good work day so I’m in kind of a mellow mood right now. So praise away, guys.


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